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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety and Depression

Struggling with symptoms of pervasive anxiety or low mood or depression? Nutrition and lifestyle changes can be a hugely beneficial way of supporting your mood and restoring a sense of emotional balance and mental resilience. The changes are very complementary alongside traditional medications and talking therapy. 

Stress and Burnout

Experiencing symptoms of stress and burnout? You're not alone. Modern life is capable of hammering on our nervous systems as well as the rest of our bodies. As a result we can feel hugely depleted, drained and on-edge. Nutrition and lifestyle habits can be a great way to press the reset button and get you back to feeling mentally resilient. 


Sleep is a modern day epidemic. So many of us struggle to get a good night's sleep which can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, making us feel miserable. Sleeping pills are an outdated and very short term solution, but the good news is diet and lifestyle habits are essential and very successful ways in which we can get a peaceful night's rest. 

Mental Performance

Looking to support your focus, energy levels, memory and/or wellbeing? 

My Approach & Philosophy

I have a gentle, collaborative and non-judgemental approach. Whilst I will encourage you to be as consistent as possible (as consistency is the secret to building a habit!), we will go at the pace you set. There is no quick fix with nutrition and lifestyle changes but they can make a world of difference. We work together to find out where you think you can make changes and what you would be comfortable with, in a step-wise approach. 


I always base my recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes based on the latest and best scientific evidence and my professional experience of what works. As a nutritional therapist, I know that everyone's nutritional needs will be slightly different and it is always a personalised set of recommendations that's grounded in science. 

I've been working in the health and nutrition field for a number of years, and have come across all sorts of habits and routines! Whilst I need to know about your health history in order to pinpoint when these imbalances may have come from, I won't judge you at all. What will be really key is how we improve, manage and maintain your mental health going forward.


I provide you with the tools and the confidence to get you started on your journey towards better mental health. I put you in the driving seat, but think of me as your racing coach, cheering you on from the sidelines. From my own experience of ill health, and seeing others come through their own health journeys, I do believe recovery is possible, and you are totally capable.


I look forward to working with you!



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My Approach
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