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Wanting to know more about how I can support you and your group through nutritional and lifestyle support? Read more below.



Book in a 15 minute, no-obligation call with me to understand more about how nutritional therapy works, her expertise and philosophy and I can help you

One-to-One Consultations

Wanting more individual support? Work with me one-to-one, where I'll understand your health journey and help you come up with a personalised plan to support your mental wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Wanting to support your colleagues to feel and perform at their very best? I provide tailored workshops and bespoke services for employers to support employee performance

Business Consultancy

Looking to develop wellness products, services and content for your business? I have previously provided all of the above to develop their service offering and I can help you do the same

One-to-One Consultations


Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science to support and promote health and wellbeing, and also help you reach peak performance. 

Nutritional therapy practice is in part guided by the Functional Medicine Model, which recognises that you are a unique individual. You have individual needs for different nutrients that's based on your genetics, environment and current lifestyle, as well as many other factors. It's my job to figure out where the biochemical causes of your symptoms are, and work with you to develop an approach that best addresses these so that you can be further on your road to recovery from symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and poor concentration. 

It's safe to say you are incredibly complex, and long-lasting, sustainable change takes time. That's why I recommend working with me across a few appointments. This gives me time to understand your entire story - your health history predominantly, but life events too that may have preceded/followed health events in your life. In understanding all of this, it's much easier to target my approach to where it is likely that you'll need more support. Together we'll gain mastery of your health through a number of scientifically-backed techniques at a pace that works for you. 

Your First Appointment 

Our first appointment together will last 90 minutes. Ahead of our consultation, I will have sent you the necessary paperwork, including a detailed health and symptom questionnaire, as well as terms and conditions to fill in. This gives me a chance to get a head start on understanding your story and symptoms, so we can start with an effective personalised plan straight away. 

In this initial consultation, I'll ask further questions and clarify the information you'll have provided me with. We'll determine what your health goals are, what your current dietary and lifestyle habits are (for example, what you currently tend to eat, what your sleep and exercise routines are like). We'll also explore what your work and personal commitments currently are, what adjustments are achievable so that eventually, we'll end up with a programme that feels practical and achievable for you. I'm all about setting you up for success and not failure!

In order to understand your health better, it may be really helpful for you to undertake some laboratory tests. Depending on the the test, some might be able to be completed by your GP (in which case, I can provide you with a letter or write to your GP to request the test on your behalf, with your permission), or through a private laboratory. Some of these tests you might be able to complete whilst remaining at home, with samples posted back to the lab. However some may require a private blood draw. I'll always provide these as a recommendation, and we'll discuss and prioritise these. They can be exceptionally useful for understanding your current health status and thus help to build a more effective and personalised programme. 

At the end of the first appointment, I'll get you started with:

  • A personalised diet and lifestyle plan, with clear and specific dietary and lifestyle adjustments to make

  • Recipes and any other relevant materials to help you implement the changes suggested

  • Recommended (if appropriate) supplement regime 

  • Recommended GP and private laboratory testing

In Between Appointments

In between our appointments, you might have questions about your programme and how to implement it. That's ok! I can provide email and telephone support to help keep you on the path to success. 

Your Follow-Up Appointments

Our follow-up appointments will be about 60 minutes. I'll ask how you've been getting on with the suggested changes from the last appointment. I may ask you to complete short follow-up questionnaires on your symptoms so we can continue to monitor how they change throughout your time working with me. This way we're always working together towards your health goals. 

If the changes have been successful, we might make further tweaks to enhance their health-promoting power, and if they have been more challenging to implement, that's ok! I want to find out what about them felt challenging, and how we can adjust the change to make it more achievable, and also I'll provide you with plenty of motivation throughout our time together. 

We'll go through the results of any GP or private laboratory tests, and on the basis of all the information, we'll adjust your programme and supplement regime (if appropriate) to help you take further steps on the path to mental wellness.  

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

We live in a modern day epidemic of stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. These symptoms and associated syndromes are hugely debilitating, and can have a significant affect on productivity at work. This makes for unhappy and unmotivated employees. 

This was true of life before the COVID-19 pandemic, and is even more true now. Whilst productivity does not appear to have been affected by the move of many of us working from home, our collective and individual mental health has taken a huge toll and been collateral damage from this disease and it's impact on the way we've lived our lives. Our normal exercise and lifestyle routines have needed to take a big adjustment to a 'new normal'. 


Although we are now exceptionally better placed than at the start of the pandemic, with the development of several vaccines, it will take time for us to recover from the effects of COVID-19. It's even more important now than ever to put in place strategies to support and protect employee mental health for their wellbeing and productivity. 

I have worked on a number of projects to do this, including delivering wellness webinars and short, individual consultations to employees to help provide 'quick wins' and tips and tricks to improve wellbeing, in the context of the pandemic and beyond. I tailor the service offered depending on what works for you and your organisation. It could be a series of talks around a theme, individual talks,  one or two talks plus a short consultation with employees who elect to take part, or something else that you feel would work well.


Whichever package of services you decide to take, I'll provide the science of mental health and mental wellness in an interesting, bite-sized format to make actionable changes for your employees, leaving them feeling empowered to make changes in their own lives.

Business Consultancy

Corporate Consultancy

I have had the pleasure of working for a number of supplement, health and start-up businesses to support them with the following:

  • Social media planning and writing content

  • Health and wellness product development (providing nutrition and lifestyle content for wellness products, developing DNA and vitamin tests for improved wellbeing, questionnaires and scoring systems for health monitoring purposes)

  • Wellness service delivery (delivering subject matter expertise in the form of consultations and workshops on behalf of companies to their clients) 

I have spent my career working with organisations of all sizes: from large multinational financial services institutions to start-ups in their pre-seed funding stages. I work very collaboratively across teams and individuals of differing expertise in order to get the results my clients have asked for. 

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